Star Trek: Next Generation, Remember Me & Hostess


Star Trek:  Next Generation

TNG was a popular series within the Star Trek franchise.  TNG premised on September 28th, 1987 with a 1.3 million dollar budget per episode it ran for 7 seasons ending May 23rd, 1994.


Remember Me

Remember Me was the 79th episode in the TNG series and aired in 1990, stardate 44161.2.  It was directed by Cliff Bole and written by Lee Sheldon.  ” In this episode, after reminiscing with an old friend about losing people close to them, Dr. Beverly Crusher (Gates McFadden) begins to notice Enterprise personnel vanishing, but no one else she talks to remembers them ever being there.”



The Hostess Company came into existence in 1935 in Breslay Ontario, Canada.  A Son and Mother team started the company out of the family kitchen the rest is History.  In 1980 Hostess was the number one chip brand in Canada, in 1988 there was a merger between Hostess and Frito Lay, in 1992 Frito Lay Pepsi Cola obtained full ownership of the of the Hostess brand.  The Hostess brand was rebranded Lays in 1996 though there is still one project on the market under the Hostess name, Hickory Sticks.

hostess bags








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